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Automation Solutions

We provide products and solutions for automation and motion control that increase industrial productivity and efficiency. Our technology know-how and application expertise of our Pneumatic, Motion Control and Robotics Teams enable us to provide the best solutions for pneumatic and mechanical assemblies, robotics, electronic motion control products and related mechanical systems.

Assembly Line Automation

We develop automated assembly systems for: Laser engraving systems, turbochargers, vision inspection systems, harnesses for the automotive industry, heat exchangers, automated wielding applications, charge-discharge (robot) and machinery safety integration.

Vision Systems

We integrate various quality assurance and vision systems applications. We make sure that the inspection processes that require speed, detailed observation and measurement accuracy become possible. Optimizing costs through these systems is viable and feasible through the solutions that our engineering team proposes and develops.


Our engineering team has the expertise and certifications that allows them to understand the specific needs of customers and to generate practical, innovative and integrative solutions. We have become an outsourcing team for project management which provides with a convenient cost in the design, development and implementation of technology. We offer development of machine concepts, system integration or safety engineering, creating prototypes, testing equipment, personnel training and development.

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